Presentation: Banal Militarization by Military Ritual

The presentation „Military Rituals. Frequently Asked Questions“ provides a quick overview in english language over the main topics, arguments and critics of my book MilitĂ€rrituale (in german language only). It was held at the Conference „Banal Militarism“, 15th oct 2004, CCS (Center for Conflict Studies) Philipps-UniversitĂ€t Marburg/Germany.

The Slides

The Article

This presentation became a (german language) article: Das Zeremoniell der Bundeswehr: Banalisierung von Staatsgewalt durch MilitĂ€rrituale. It’s on pages 187-202 of the book Banal Militarism. Zur VeralltĂ€glichung des MilitĂ€rischen im Zivilen, Bielefeld (transcript) 2006, edited by Tanja Thomas, Fabian Virchow.

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  1. I very much appreciate that your work is now also available in English language. I am sure there is a lot of interest, especially in the US. I would be more than happy to invite you and facilitate a presentation on „militaerrituale‘ here in the bay area! You could stay at my house in San Francisco. Please feel free to contact me, if you are interested in coming to California and giving a lecture on this topic.

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