MacBook: LCD dunkel?!

MacBook-LCD-Screen mal wieder dunkel nach dem Hochfahren oder Aufwachen? Dunkel heißt LCD-Hintergrundlicht ist völlig aus, LCD selbst ist aber an und beim genauen Hinschauen ist der Desktop auch mit Mühe zu erkennen. Debatte dazu im apple support. Workaround bei knol. Weil knol demnächst eingestellt wird, dieser Workaround hier per copy&paste.

A quick way to be able to get a Mac’s screen out from the dark, unlit state that it is sometimes in after waking from sleep.

First, note that this is NOT a solution to a mac simply not sleeping properly. It also doesn’t always work for the case where, especially Macbooks and Macbook Pros, somehow wake from sleep and are running extremely hot with fans at maximum.

This DOES solve the case where a Mac, especially portables, seems to wake in all ways except the screen. There may be sounds and other such responses from the Mac, but the screen just seems to stubbornly stay black. For this case, if you examine the screen up close with an external light, you’ll discover that the LCD is actually on, but the backlight is just off.

This isn’t a terribly great solution, but it is quick to do each time and does fix the problem without the general solution of doing a hard reboot.

  1. Set up an active screen corner (Leopard: System Preferences, Expose and Spaces) as Sleep Display.
  2. Remember which corner you set the Sleep Display as (preferably one out of the way so it doesn’t disturb your work normally—bottom right works well).
  3. When the problem occurs, move your mouse to the screen corner.

Even though you can’t see, you can still move the mouse, constantly, towards the general direction of the corner (bottom right, for instance, you would move down enough to get to the bottom, then right, or vice versa). This should cause the display to „sleep.“ Upon any movement, the display should then wake, and this time, also start up the backlight. This is something that I discovered but didn’t see described anywhere else online.

Hope this helps!

26. Februar 2012 von mois
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