Now also in China: Our Borderland-Article

utopia.jpgVery nice: Now the chinese reader as well can read more about the Borderland. Thanks for (self-organized) translation to Utopia.

Somewhere else we are even having an idea about the context we are cited in: Shifts and Faultlines in the World Economy and Great Power Rivalry. What Is Happening and What It Might Mean, PART 3: THE EUROPEAN UNION AS A POTENTIAL RIVAL TO U.S. DOMINANCE (by Raymond Lotta).

Mapper’s und architect’s…

weizman_e_hollow-land.jpg…Blick: Hollow Land. The Architecture of Occupation: An exploration of the political space created by Israel’s colonial occupation. From the deep subterranean spaces of the West Bank and Gaza to their militarized airspace, the mechanisms of control and the transformation of the Occupied Territories into a theoretically constructed artifice is shown, in which natural and built features function as the weapons and ammunition with which the conflict is waged. Und bei aller Perspektivenkritik nicht ganz ohne Relevanz: Kartenmaterial. Ein kleiner Video-Clip mit moderierten Landkarten bietet einen recht vernĂĽnftig geratenen Einstieg/Ăśberblick ĂĽber die Problematik Mauer/GrĂĽne Linie, aus der arte-Reihe „Mit offenen Karten“.

Must See: „On Blood and Wings“ (mp4, 80MB, 35′, 2006)

See this cool clip from Yeti Films (Christoph Spehr, Jörg Windszus and others, Bremen, Germany) named „On Blood and Wings. A Study in the Dark Side of Cooperation“ (2006). It’s about the world formular B-B‘. B stands for blood (analogue to Marx‘ G-G‘). After analyzing the crucial mechanism of capitalism („to make more and more blood out of blood“) it shows the problems of the Multitude fighting the vampires to get over capitalism towards a free and just society. The clip is put together in an intelligent way from found footage out of a dozend different vampire movies. A off speaker is reading the political, theoretical text. The clip is published under the GNU Public Licence.