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Acid Pauli

A fist full of highly recommendable DJ sets by Acid Pauli aka Console aka Martin Gretschmann, the “universal scholar of pop” (Süddeutsche Zeitung): Especially don’t miss the five parts of Mit Gummistiefeln durch den Bach stelzen.

08. Januar 2013 von mois
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via Policing Genes Project.

23. Juli 2011 von mois
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Phantom of the Floppera

Test run of  (d)iskette (O)rgan doing Toccata & Fugue. Watch and listen!

14. Februar 2011 von mois
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Jerusalem syndrome, no kidding!

Am 08.02.2008 um 13:56 schrieb g2: markus, hopefully you haven’t succumbed to the syndrome and changed your name to jésu!

10. Februar 2008 von mois
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Manifestoon, THE Manifesto (short cut) 8-min-cartoon

“Manifestoon” by Jesse Drew. An animated look at Marxian analysis, utopia, and what is wrong with current society.

17. Oktober 2006 von mois
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